Speedskating 101

Why choose Speedskating:

Speedskating is a life-long sport. Participants range from as young as four to over seventy years old. Speedskating is heavily technique-based and can be sometimes thought of as a form of ballet-on-ice. It is very common to see entire families participate. This involvement can transcend generations from parents-to-kids, then on to their kids… The speedskating community is small. Friendships abound. There is competition, but it is usually always friendly and supportive for one-another. If this sounds like the type of environment you’d like to be involved with, then perhaps speedskating is for you.

Racing Age Groups:

Races are dived into different age groups with the age being defined as the age of the racer on July 1 of the summer prior to the skating season.  The US Speed Skating association has the following age groups:

Junior E (Pony)- 10 years of age or younger

Junior D- 11 and 12 years of age

Junior C also called Juvenile- 13 and 14  years of age

Junior B also called Junior- 15 and 16  years of age

Junior A also called Intermediate- 17 and 18  years of age

Senior- 19 through 30  years of age

Masters- 31  years of age and older