Speedskating 101

Why choose Speedskating:

Speedskating is a life-long sport. Participants range from as young as four to over seventy years old. Speedskating is heavily technique-based and can be sometimes thought of as a form of ballet-on-ice. It is very common to see entire families participate. This involvement can transcend generations from parents-to-kids, then on to their kids… The speedskating community is small. Friendships abound. There is competition, but it is usually always friendly and supportive for one-another. If this sounds like the type of environment you’d like to be involved with, then perhaps speedskating is for you.

Review the Midway Equipment List to ensure you are prepared for your time on the ice

Racing Age Groups:

Races are divided into different age groups with the age being defined as the age of the racer on July 1 of the summer prior to the skating season.  The US Speed Skating association has the following age groups:

Junior E (Pony)- 10 years of age or younger

Junior D- 11 and 12 years of age

Junior C also called Juvenile- 13 and 14  years of age

Junior B also called Junior- 15 and 16  years of age

Junior A also called Intermediate- 17 and 18  years of age

Senior- 19 through 30  years of age

Masters- 31  years of age and older

General Midway Club Information:

Meets: Parents register their child for meets. Races are held in Roseville, Milwaukee, or Salt Lake City. Check the Midway calendar for dates and registration details. 

Weekly races:
GMSA sponsors weekly Pack races for younger skaters and Metric races for older skaters on most Saturdays.  All Midway skaters are invited to race but are not required to participate.  Registration is required. Check with coaches for details and deadlines.

Practice Information:
Skaters should be at the oval 30-45 minutes before the scheduled ice time for warm ups with your age group.

Skate sharpening:
Speed skates must be sharpened by hand and not on a grinder.  It is recommended that the skates be sharpened every week. Many older Midway skaters will sharpen your child’s skates for a fee.  Please inquire with your child’s coach for more details.

Cold Weather Skating:
The club skates whenever the John Rose Oval is open.  Skaters should be dressed to handle the weather.  On very cold evenings the skaters will take additional warm up breaks.  To learn about the Oval’s weather status look at the Roseville Oval website or their weather closing information lines at 651-792-7100 or 651-792-7077.

Check out The Inside Track for details.