Parent Guide

Parent/Guardian Guide to Midway

We appreciate every parent and guardian’s support and their wish to be involved in their child’s sport.  A perfect time to show this support is during a race or on the drive to and from practice.  Show unconditional love, total support, compassion, unwavering belief in them as human beings. It is you parents who help develop values and virtues.

During practice, please let our designated club coaches do their job.  All of Midway Speedskating Club coaches are US Speedskating licensed coaches with many years of experience in the sport and in coaching. 


It is required that parents/guardians assist their skaters getting on and off the ice for all skating practices.  Midway staff cannot be in charge of tying skates or making sure each skater has the proper equipment.  Skaters must be prepared and ready to begin practice at the designated time, so please make sure you arrive early enough to make that happen.  

Athlete Pick-Up

It is very important that the parent/guardian is there to pick up their child on time at the completion of practice.  The Midway program staff cannot be responsible after practice is over.  If there are any transportation emergencies, please contact your coach in a timely manner.  Please respect your coach’s time.


There will be many racing opportunities throughout the season.  During these race days the Midway staff is very busy coaching and running the competition.  Midway athletes need to be able to follow the racing schedule and get themselves ready for each of their races.  We recommend that any athlete under 13 years of age, or any athlete who cannot tie their own skates, has a parent/guardian with them the entire race day to assist with equipment, getting on and off the ice, etc.

Parents/Guardians who do not need to help their child should still be present during race days.  There is a great need for volunteer help: manual timing, electronic timing, track setup, pad moving, judging, officiating, starting, etc.  There is always a spot where we could use assistance. No experience required! Please see your coach or any board member for more info.  

General Faqs about your skater's training

What is the right amount of training for my child?
Each of Midway Speedskating Club's programs are designed to address the needs of the athletes within those levels. If the program staff feels that there are specific needs for any individual, those will be addressed through prescribed workouts or additional training opportunities between the different levels. Athletes moving up or down between levels is a decision that is made amongst the entire program staff. If parents have questions about the training volumes, intensities, or modalities, please communicate with your assigned coach or the Midway Program Director.
What does it take for my child to make it to the top?
Every athlete’s path to success is going to look different. Some may be on a steep curve to success, some may have a lot of obstacles on their path to success. But no matter what, there are some key areas each will have to focus on: The Four P's to Success.
     Patience: The path to success is usually 10+ years. Don’t get frustrated. Stay Dedicated.
     Physical Training: Speedskating is very physically demanding, but also has a huge technical component.
     Personality: Adaptability, consistency, determination, coachability, perseverance, and most importantly be a good teammate!
     Passion: Love what you are doing and realize the opportunities it presents you.
No matter what level of success your child achieves in this sport, these are lessons that can transfer to any part of life.
Do speed skaters need a special diet?
There is no need for our athletes to have any special diet unless prescribed by a nutrition professional or a physician. With that being said, there are some simple rules that any healthy person, especially an athlete, should follow:
     MORE: complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, water, fresh juices, fruit, nuts, and vegetables.
     LESS: take-out food, saturated fats and oils, processed and pre-packaged foods, simple carbohydrates, soda and sugary drinks.
Simple Rule: You get out of your body what you put into it (junk in = junk out).
School, skating, social life... what is the right balance for my child?
Your child is not a speed skater first, they are a child first, who happens to speed skate. They are also a sibling, a son or daughter, a student, involved in other activities, play other sports. They are a young person who has the potential to be anything they choose to be.
Kids are drawn to things they enjoy. If it is a positive atmosphere, they are social with their teammates, and they are having fun, they will have success.
What sort of results should I expect at the meets?
You should expect to see:
     Your child enjoying skating with his/her friends.
     Your child learning to love the challenge and enjoy competition.
     Your child demonstrating all that they have learned in terms of technique, training, and race approach.
     Your child showing self-responsibility in personal management, equipment, race day schedule, and preparedness.
     Your child showing a sense of “team” by cheering and supporting other members of Midway.