Midway Programs

Level 3 Program

Midway's Level 3 program is designed for the newest and youngest members of the club. Skaters at this level focus on the fundamentals of the sport, while making sure it is a fun learning atmosphere. Skaters at this level compete at local and regional competitions.

LEvel 2 Program

Midway's Level 2 program is geared for those who have graduated out of Level 3 and are ready to increase their training commitment. The skaters at this level continue to focus on fundamentals while being introduced to a higher level training program preparing them for their transition into Level 1. Skaters at this level continue to compete in local and regional competitions but sometimes also compete at a national level.

LEvel 1 Program

The Level 1 program is Midway's flagship team. This program introduces our athletes to high level year-round training plans that prepare them to compete among the country's best skaters. While skaters at this level compete at local and regional events, their focus is on the national stage, with the goal of competing internationally.