Our Coaching Staff

100 years of skating experience

Steven Hartman

Midway Level 1 Head Coach

Coaching Since
Speedskating Since
Coaching Highlights
Utah Olympic Oval FAST Team Assistant Coach (2021-2022)
Utah Olympic Oval STEP Coach (2018-2019)
Midway Speedskating Assistant Coach (2020-21)
Learn to Speedskate Coach
Racing Highlights
World Cup Team Member (2019)
Junior World Championship Team Member (2012, 2013, 2014)
US Speedskating National Team Member
US Olympic Trials Participant (2014, 2018)
Two-time National Age Class Champion (`01, `03)
Fun Facts
Loves spending free time outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping. Made money during the covid pandemic by selling home made sourdough bread online.

Chris Windman

Midway Level 2 Head Coach, USS Level 2 Certified

Coaching Since
Speedskating Since
Coaching Highlights
Coached several skaters to the Age Class National Championship podium
Coached a number of skaters to USS AmCup qualifying times
Prides himself in creating a fun and inviting training atmosphere
Racing Highlights
Olympic Trials Competitor (`14)
Multiple Age Class Nationals medalist
US Team member at ISU Junior World Cups
Several Top-10 finishes at US Junior Championships
Fun Facts
My wife and I have a goofy and curious beagle named Hazel
I am a 4th Grade teacher at Como Park Elementary
I love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking, ice fishing, golf, disc golf, BBQing and of course skating!

Lisa Dahlin

Midway Level 3 Co-Head Coach, USS Level 3 Certified

Coaching Since
Speedskating Since
Coaching Highlights
US Junior World Team Coach (`22)
International Children's Games Coach (`19)
World University Games Coach (`18)
Racing Highlights
Olympic Trials Competitor (`06, `10, `14)
Member of Minnesota Regional Training Team
Fun Facts
I have two little kids, Audrey and Owen I have been a part of Midway Speedskating for over 25 years

Sarah Krueger

Midway Level 3 Co-Head Coach, USS Level 2 Certified

Coaching Since
Speedskating Since
Coaching Highlights
Watching my skaters get a personal best!
Dressing up as super heroes to skate
Coached USS Women of Speed Camp
Olympic theme inline race night
Coached Learn to Speed Skate since 2015
Racing Highlights
Two-time Age Class National Champion ('06,'08)
Competing all over North America (MKE, SLC, YYC)
Fun Facts
I was a Collegiate Rower at University of Minnesota
I Played 5 High School Sports
I volunteer for the Specials Olympics

Nick Pearson

Midway Program Director, USS Level 3 Certified

Speedskating Since
Career Highlights
USS Long Track Coordinator (2010-2012)
USS Long Track Program Director (2012-2015)
US Olympic Team Leader - Speedskating (2014)
Coaching Experience at all levels, beginner to world cup
Racing Highlights
US Olympian (`02, `10)
Multi-time ISU World Cup Medalist
Multi-time Jr World Championship Medalist
Two-time National Sprint Champion
Two-time National Age Class Champion
Fun Facts
Wife, Ann, is also an Olympic speed skater who skated with Midway
I have 3 children, Gabbi, Gwen, and Otto
I love hanging out with my family and cycling in my free time